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People's participation is the essence of good governance.

A focus on corporate governance has never been more important than in today’s financial business environment, where investor and public confidence in companies is no longer based strictly on financial performance or products and services. Rather, confidence increasingly is based on a company’s structure, its board of directors, its policies and guidelines, its culture and the behavior of not only its officers and directors, but also all of its employees. We are proud of our strong commitment to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance.

Board of Directors

At MobiCash, we take seriously the importance of corporate governance. Our approach is proactive, starting with our board of directors. MobiCash’s board recognizes the importance of good corporate governance as a means of addressing the needs of employees, communities, customers and shareholders.

Corporate Governance Matters

Our approach to corporate governance is articulated, in part, through several key guidelines and policies, as set forth below.  These policies apply to members of the MobiCash board and employees, and they include MobiCash’s Corporate Governance Guidelines, Code of Conduct and Securities Trading Policy – all of which is consistent with our commitment to acting with integrity in all that we do.  Information related to Ethics & Compliance matters at MobiCash (including the company’s Ethics & Compliance Helpline) is also set forth below.