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This solution allows MobiCash customers to generate virtual cards from an application interface through Mastercard. In the background, a set of parameters are sent to an API provided by Mastercard for virtual cards generation. Once a virtual card has been generated, the MobiCash customer can then use it for a cardholder not-present transaction.


MASTERCARD Virtual Card Payments (VCN)

A virtual card is a prepaid card (with a load amount) that is linked to a consumer’s wallet and can be single use or reloadable.

  • Unlike plastic cards, MobiCash virtual cards (VCN) can be single use. A new card, with a new card number, can be created for every transaction – and still each maintain a direct link back to a single, central bank account for easy and transparent accounting.
  • MobiCash Payments Virtual Cards (VCN) can be used at any merchant accepting Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay as well as any relevant international brand.
  • Customers can conduct online transactions (e-commerce) securely, without the anxiety over the possible risk of losses caused by cyber fraud.
  • VCN is only valid for a limited time, thereby reduce the risk of customer data theft.
  • VCN provide an easy, secure and automated way for businesses to make B2B payment to suppliers that is faster and reduces costs versus bank transfer and other settlement methods.
  • MobiCash Payments Virtual Cards can be used at any merchant that is EMVCO compliant without any processing or commercial differences from regular plastic cards.