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About Us

MobiCash is a financial transaction platform (banking and payment) and around it there are many opportunities to define and integrate value added services (VAS) like agent banking, money-remittance, merchant payment, social grants, salary bulk payment, e-commerce, lottery, micro-insurance, e-tickets, airtime, tax collection, etc…

It is in our Company’s DNA to continuously look for new technology and solutions to serve the market today and tomorrow. We are simplifying the financial world, creating a customer centric approach to services, and transforming the way banking is viewed by the public and the market. MobiCash allows users to self-organize as a financial network in a ‘peer to peer’ world, in which financial products such as deposit, remittances, loans, and investments are all backed by our Mobile Payment Cashless Platform, undoubtedly the most disruptive financial technology in recent decades. Thus avoiding intermediary institutions.

MobiCash universal access to financial services is within reach – thanks to new disrupting technologies and transformative business models. Created single cashless financial platform spanning multiple payment channels and authentication mechanisms, enabling payment transactions process with Speed, Affordability and High level of Security.

Our Executive Team

We demonstrate leadership by advancing new technologies, innovative and disruptive techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of best practices throughout our organization.

Patrick Ngabonziza

Mr. Patrick Ngabonziza is a senior Rwandan technology manager, evangelist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of MobiCash Limited, having started the same initiative in 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
... Over the years, MobiCash has steadily and organically grown under his chairmanship. Being a highly qualified senior entrepreneur with a strong technology background from a European university, he has acquired over 50 years of experience in IT.
Having made several achievements during his tenure as the MobiCash Chairman, Mr. Patrick hasn’t had enough yet. He has started a technology incubator program known as Akika-Hive with the aim of fostering ICT entrepreneurship within the region. He intends to nurture young talents and help them achieve their dreams of becoming ICT entrepreneurs in East Africa.
Patrick is also a member of the International VAT Association where he participates in industrial meetings in Europe that would oversee a disruptive change in VAT collection across different countries. Having conceived a brilliant idea about real-time VAT collection, he has managed to develop a system that collects VAT in real-time at the time of payment by the customers. Patrick believes in disruptive innovation as opposed to continuous improvement because according to him, disruptive innovations will eventually render legacy systems obsolete.

Kari Gahiga

He is an entrepreneur, investor and a senior executive in asset management, mining and technology. He is currently Chairman of ROKA Mining, vice chairman MobiCash Holding Ltd (Hong Kong) and partner of Sallfort Partners.
... He is responsible for MobiCash’s worldwide asset management business and strategic alliances. His role includes the creation and structuring of investment vehicles, the completion of offerings to investors, the identification, selection and monitoring of suitable investments, as well as monitoring all issues related to regulatory compliance, external reporting to investors and financial performance.

MobiCash Group
Ann J. Camarillo

As a seasoned executive in both payments and telephony, she has left retirement behind and re-entered business to make a difference in the world! She has over 30 years’ experience in Financial Services,
... IT and Telecommunications. Over the course of a 20-year career at MasterCard Worldwide, Ann held various leadership positions in the United States and globally, responsible for the financial contribution of all products and services and for creating and implementing next generation revenue streams. Ann also served as Global CEO of Maestro International and Cirrus, the largest global debit card POS and ATM networks. She created the Debit Centre of Excellence and managed the Global Debit Advisory Board with responsibility for all debit and prepaid strategy, policies, financial performance and investments.

Board Member
Dr Philipp Herzog von Württemberg

Dr Philipp Herzog von Württemberg joined Sotheby’s London in 1996, and was appointed Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe in 2011. He is involved with European business development in all client relationship activities
... His contacts comprise private collectors, dealers and major museum curators in Europe. Dr Herzog von Württemberg has served in many roles during his career with Sotheby’s. He began his career as a Specialist in the Continental Furniture department prior to being named Managing Director of Sotheby’s Germany in 1998. In January 2004, he was appointed PrésidentDirecteurGénéral of Sotheby’s France, a position he held until August 2007. Within this role, Dr Herzog von Württemberg developed an outstanding team in France and as a result, Paris is now one of Sotheby’s four international major selling centres.