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What you can Know About Mobicash

MobiCash Limited is a payment service provider in Rwanda licensed by the Central Bank (BNR) in Rwanda. It offers a payment channel that is independent of mobile network operators and has a pivotal role in transforming the financial sector into a cashless one. It has a comprehensive agent network across the country as well as other channels of distribution such as use of a phone, laptop, tablet and also through merchants.

A person or entity, natural or legal, authorized to provide MobiCash Payment Platform Services on a non-exclusive basis. We have two types of agents: Mini-agent and Full agent. A full agent provides all types of our services to our customers, including the Value Added Services (VAS) – Utility purchases, Airtime, TV Programming, tax collections and the financial services. See below. A mini-agent provides the VAS only.

To become a MobiCash agent, one must provide the following details: The person/entity name (registered company) and all biographical data. National ID number or Passport number taken from the original ID document. Mobile telephone number. The person/entity will need to sign a commitment to execute the agent’s Agreement with MobiCash by way of pre-qualification for appointment as an agent for MobiCash. It is mandatory that all the requirements be fulfilled for a successful agent application. Apart from this, a MobiCash agent must fulfill the following minimum requirements: The amount of RWF 100,000 for an agent and RWF 50,000 for a mini-agent shall be deposited into the MobiCash account at any of the following banks: I&M Bank Account BPR Account Ensure that the cash at hand is sufficient to support all transactions. Ensure that the minimum float is not below RWF 20,000 for an agent and RWF 10, 000 for a mini-agent.

MobiCash offers financial transactions and value added services (VAS) to its clients via its agents. The financial services include: Cash-in Cash-out Transfer money from client to client Check balance The current VAS we offer includes: Electricity pre-purchase Airtime ( all providers) DSTV/Canal/StarTimes subscription RRA taxes payment Our financial services will require a MobiCash account.