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Whether it’s love or business, having the right partner by your side is invaluable

The power of partnerships should never be underestimated. Nowhere is this truer than in the financial services industry, which is undergoing a significant shift as the ecosystem is increasingly dominated by partnerships rather than solo enterprises. The rapid pace of innovation in the financial services industry has become well-known in the last 10 years. Technology-driven partnership continue to emerge and mature, and established financial institutions continue to invest significantly in offering the latest digital capabilities. For established financial institutions, there are significant benefits: from fostering internal innovation to ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. Partnerships help businesses to achieve efficiency, enable faster time to market, and ultimately help companies to speed up revenue generation.


The PARTIES agree to carry on the Business in the Country using the name MOBICASH Country_Name . MOBICASH Country_Name shall carry on Business at such locations in Country_Name as the LOCAL PARTY advises. The Parties shall, within 3 (three) months of signature of this Agreement or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter, register and establish a JV Company, sign and enter into a Shareholders Agreement which shall govern their relationship inter se and vis-à-vis the JV Company. The Shareholders Agreement shall prevail in the event of any conflict between its provisions and that of the Articles and Memorandum of Association of the JV Company and the Parties shall do all things necessary to procure that the necessary changes are affected to the same to avoid such conflict.


The LOCAL PARTY shall cause to be registered and established in the Subject Country a company named “MOBICASH Country_Name” or such other name as the Registrar of Companies will allow, which company shall conduct the Business (“MOBICASH Country_Name” or the “JV Company”). 2.1 MOBICASH shall own, acquire and control fifty percent (55%) of MOBICASH Country_Name, which shall be the minimum percentage, in exchange for providing: the MobiCash Financial Engine and such other software or systems as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the Business, applications and solutions portfolio for public, businesses and institutional customers.


The LOCAL PARTY shall, for and on behalf of and for the account of MOBICASH GROUP LTD, cause to be registered as trademark “MOBICASH®” to the extent that the Registrar of Trademarks of Country_Name may allow. The trademark “MOBICASH®” shall be registered solely in the name of MOBICASH GROUP LTD, as the sole holder and owner of the registered trademarks. The LOCAL PARTY shall, for and on behalf of and for the account of the JV Company, cause to be registered as trademark “MOBICASH Country_Name®” to the extent that the Registrar of Trademarks of Country_Name may allow. The Trademark “MOBICASH Country_Name®” shall be registered in the name of the JV Company as the sole holder and owner of the registered trademark.

PROCESS Checklist

This checklist summarizes the basic steps taken in a negotiated partnership agreement with MobiCash. It is meant as a guide only. The foregoing is not meant to address every single phase of the process. However, it does provide a basic outline for you/partners to follow. Opening of communication channels and identification of people authorized to make representation; Exchange of companies’ profiles; Preliminary exchange of emails and teleconferences to outline the business relationship; Identifying mutual values and Goal settings; Each party to provide and executive summary outlining the expectations; Technical assessment and project feasibility; Live demonstration of service and features; MobiCash to provide a business proposal (scope of business model, shareholding model, implementation process, …); Express and letter of intent and presentation of an offer; Analysis, offer, counter-offer, negotiation of economic terms and agreement; Commitment and Memorandum of Understanding;


MobiCash recommends the following steps to demonstrate the concept in an environment close to reality. Acquisition of a Demo Kit Acquisition of a Setup Kit (MobiCore System Banking Platform and limited pilot implementation) Deployment of the service. MobiCore is a highly innovative solution that changes the rules of the usual electronic transaction business. When an organization decides to use MobiCore it is mandatory to make sure that the various decision makers and future partners have a clear understanding of the solution. It is also very important to experience the touch and feel of a biometric based mobile payment (retail and e-commerce). It is crucial to understand all the possibilities that the technology has to offer in order to insure that what MobiCore will deliver corresponds to the expected services. The MobiCore Demo Kit has been designed to give complete access to the technology and the MobiCore Platform to anyone wishing to implement MobiCore Social transfers solution. By purchasing a DemoKit THE PROSPECTIVE PARTNER will get all the necessary tools, web access and training to experience every function delivered by the MobiCore Platform.