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MobiCash was born out of the need to develop a convenient, secure, and affordable payment platform using advanced technology to bring solutions to financial inclusion problems by providing people who are not served by financial institutions a mean to start using financial services. This without needing any traditional bank branches access and thus capable of servicing “everybody” regardless of their financial status!

  • By combining our expert knowledge in vast IT domains and our experience in learning and excelling at innovation & new technologies, we were able to devise a realistic business model and plan that will utilize the convergence of banking and telecommunications technologies
  • MobiCash allows users to self-organize as a financial network in a ‘peer to peer’ world, in which financial products such as deposit, remittances, loans, and investments are all backed by our Mobile Payment Cashless Platform, undoubtedly the most disruptive financial technology in recent decades. Thus avoiding intermediary institutions.
  • MobiCash universal access to financial services is within reach – thanks to new disrupting technologies and transformative business models.