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Only commercial banks and trust companies can lend money that they manufacture by lending it.

The industry is at an inflexion point. Changing customer expectations require significant investment. Technology may render much traditional infrastructure obsolete while enabling superior service, growth and new competition. Bankers understand that the operational complexity of the past needs to be addressed to provide the efficient, effective platform for the future. Banks need to get ahead of these challenges and retool to win in the next era of competition.

This is imperative, and also a tremendous opportunity. Banks need to make hard choices about which customers to service, how to win and where not to play. Serving new customer segments  By combining their resources and brand power with the innovative solutions created by MobiCash, banks will find they are able to serve new customer segments.

Such partnerships allow banks to distinguish themselves from their peers and position themselves as progressive financial institutions.  MobiCash has assembled unique assets, which provide it with the resources to become a unique Mobile Banking and Payment brand. A few compelling reasons why Banks should consider MobiCash as their business partner of choice in their innovation projects are given below. Provide the technology the Bank would require to implement agency banking. This would include POS terminals, User Apps and software integration.

Use our existing agent networks to serve banks clients/customers, Recruit new agents in strategic locations in correspondence with the Bank requirements. Train agents as well as manage agents on behalf of the Bank. Ensure agent adherence to Central Banks as well as Bank partner guidelines in regard to agency banking