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MobiCash technology spans a wide variety of use-cases and offers services that can be used whether or not one has a bank account and/or mobile phone. The platform is completely mobile network agnostic, independent of Mobile Network Operators and can bank the entire spectrum of customers.

Biometric has become a mature technology, can actually support financial applications in the real banking world, and is a viable replacement for, or enhancement to, the use of passwords or PINs to verify the identity of a person. Each person’s characteristics are unique to that individual. Even identical twins do not have the exact same characteristics. Also it is very hard to loose, and impossible to forget the personal characteristics, since they are a physical part of each individual. The use of biometrics will significantly increase the probability that the person accessing the financial system is actually the person they say they are.

Protect your Customers and their Money with Biometrics

Purchases and goods and services don’t always happen face to face or with merchants with whom users have an existing relationship. Often users will need to make a spontaneous purchases without an existing relationship with the merchant. A user can decide to make a purchase on the spot. Current channels have their limitations. For example, a particular one time offer on television. There would be several challenges with the current channels available, how would you the user pay the merchant? How would the user enter the details for that particular item? Would they have to call a particular number?

QR Codes and Spontaneous purchases

Each participating agent, be it a trader, shop, retailer, employer or other entity, will be equipped with a MobiCash terminal. These state-of-the-art Point of Sale devices will support the Merchant and Agent network in facilitating cash-in and cash-out transactions as well as general payment services. The terminals support the authentication methodology mix, including finger biometric, NFC and Proxidata and can be extended to support credit and debit card payments

Multi-function POS devices