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Banking Without Banks

  • Today’s connected consumers have embraced technology to such an extent that it has become an extension of them. Influence of mobile technology, social media, rising customer experience and service expectations and lower switching costs for customers to take their business elsewhere have dramatically changed the competitive landscape for banks.

  • Technology has lent itself well to changing and revolutionizing the world around us. Over time, technology has changed the way we communicate with each other, travel from place to place, conduct business, and how we maintain and organize our lives.

  • So, if big changes are coming to an industry that everybody love to hate, what should that new banking system that replaces it look like? How could we design a new kind of bank that would actually be sustainable in the fullest sense of the word? MobiCash filled out the vision of what such an alternative banking system might look like is introducing a new demand for how banking services are delivered

  • It is in this regard that MobiCash has developed a business model that outsources the traditional bank branch concept to agencies for massive outreach at very low cost, coupled with the authentication security of biometric accounts for the objective of bringing highly efficient e-banking and e-payments services to everyone.