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Cash-IN/ Savings

PAYMENT SERVICES – as a Payment service provider, MobiCash connect agents banking, merchants, consumers, card brand networks and financial institutions to accept credit/debit card payments from customers. MobiCash provides the prerequisites for the acceptance and processing of any payments with the latest terminals, secure payment solutions and supplemental services to ensure efficient payments online and in shop.


Cash Withdrawal - Customers may withdrawal cash from Authorised Agents.... This cash may be a result of e-transfer from a MobiCash subscriber or from any other source; for example, international remittance. The customer may use own phone handset to transact or use the MobiCash POS located at the Agent, or simply use the Agent’s own phone. It also be possible to withdrawal cash from partnering banks’ ATMs that have been enabled with PINless technology.


Domestic transfers - Want to transfer money to friend/family without delay and without paying high bank charges? MobiSend is a convenient, instant and competitively priced national transfer product designed to facilitate the sharing of funds between family and friends, regardless of their geographical location. ...MobiCash authorised Agents may make e-transfers directly on behalf of a person who has deposited cash in-transit for transfer to another person.


Since the mobile phone is increasingly the dominant means by which workers overseas keep in touch with their families and friends back home,... and since domestic mobile payments are becoming more common around the world, it is natural for MobiCash to think that the same channel could be used to send international remittances, and possibly reduce costs and increase convenience at both the sending and receiving ends.


MobiTicket is a new service enabling you book bus and shuttle tickets right from your phone.Pay your Public transport, Taxi, Cinema, Stadiums ticketing.... Electronic ticketing is the time-saving, ticketless way to travel! An e-ticket allows your entire travel experience to be easy and safe because all of your booking and ticket details are held electronically. Mobiticket allows users to obtain a virtual ticketing through their smartphones.


Many banks and MFI/Sacco, Government Student Loan have been confronted with the problem of creating a convenient system for loan repayment. MobiCollect technology lets the borrowers, private individuals, make loan repayments according to a simplified procedure, not entailing the opening of an account, at MobiCash Agents outlets. Our staff directs the loan collection efforts by educating and providing current, accurate information to borrowers regarding repayment